The game of Adolescence

Card Game

The developmental processes that occur during puberty are fundamentally biological, but many others correspond to socio-cultural spaces Menstruating or having an erection are actions related to the functioning of hormones and body changes. But wearing or not wearing a bra, waxing or using certain elements for menstrual management are cultural issues that can be debated.

If you know children who are about to start puberty, this is an ideal game to start talking about what will happen to them in the near future. In this way, not only will they have more and better information, but they will clear up doubts and fears about their growth. And if they are older, they will be able to reflect on what is happening to them.

To keep in mind:

it is a game that can be used also with children or adolescents with some type of autism spectrum disorder or mild mental disability.





How to play

It is a card game in which the objective is to match cards of 3, 4 or 7 and discard first. The way to join the cards is based on whether they are changes that occur in the gestating or fertilizing bodies.
It has two levels of play; a simple one where the color (suit of the cards) does not matter and a more complex one where two variables must be crossed: change and color.
It can also be played as a memory game because the illustrations are repeated in each suit.


Description: deck of 60 cards with three suits differentiated by colors.

Each suit consists of 20 illustrations that portray the changes that occur during puberty. One rulebook and one explanatory card. Acrylic box for greater durability. Information guide and suggested activities to download

Suggested age: from 8/9 years old to adulthood.

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