Deconstructing the genres

CardS and Puzzle Set

Deconstructing the genres is the first board game that addresses gender diversity both from the image and from the information.

It is a game that allows working on myths, prejudices and information about gender roles sexual identities and orientations or diverse families.

It has information documented in current legislation as well as in international documents related to human rights.

Allows addressing the diversity of corporealities from the visibility of trans bodies, skin colors, different body sizes and physical characteristics that people can have.

It has different levels of play which allows it to be played from early childhood to adults, graduating the difficulty according to the cards.


How to play

For children up to 4 years of age, you can play only with the four silhouettes with cis and trans bodies and on them they can build the different characters. The game ends with the possibility of naming the characters and creating a story for them.

From 4/5 years old and up to 8/9 years old, the cards can be incorporated. The assembly of the bodies will depend on the correct answer to the cards that have different categories (information/myths/situations/personalities/legislation) and come out according to the color of the die. The instructions will be those of level 0 or 1 of difficulty.

From the age of 8/9 the dynamics is the same, but the instructions of level 1 or 2 of difficulty are used.



– a cardboard box

– colored dice

– four bases with figures

– 36 parts that make up 12 characters

– 120 cards corresponding to each category, rules.

Suggested age: from 4 years old to adulthood.


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